Friday, May 26, 2023

Migration is complete!

We have successfully migrated to our new, larger IPv6
address space! Initial address ranges and routes have
been pushed to each router and membership applications
are looking like they will open around June 1st.

So far, each end user router has a /58 ready to be
cut into /64s for members to make use of.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

First stages of migration

Our members making use of wireguard and some of our internal
services might notice hiccups over the next few days. We
have figured out how to implement routing with our /48 ipv6
allocation and are in the process of migrating our project
to the new configuration.

If you notice any extended outages or other networking
issues, please leave us a note in the support desk.

Monday, May 22, 2023

Tonight, Testing went well!

As part of our project’s progression, one of the things that we have
been working is figuring out how to route entire subnets to our end
users. The purpose of the project is to bring IPv6 networking in a
usable state to other hobbyist who may not have access at all or even
just restricted, non configurable access.

Well, tonight we successfully routed an entire /64 over wireguard to
one of our phones and it worked! This is good news for end users with
homelabs as it means we are making progress towards routed subnets.
The end goal is to be able to use interconnecting subnets to connect
to our end users and give them a subnet that they can deploy on the
LAN side of their routers for use in their labs. We will be working
with Kyru to see if we can get things working the way we envision
it all going!

For existing users, when the above testing and deployment is complete,
our existing allocations will be going away. You will receive a new
wireguard configuration from us with the new ranges setup. For those
of you who are using the project for simple IPv6 access on single
devices, you will still receive a /120 range in our system unless you
otherwise let us know that you would like to convert to a /64.