Thursday, September 14, 2023

Lemmonade will be shutting down…

Because people can’t behave, we can’t have nice things.
Lemmonade (Lemon Bar Hangout) was a subproject that has
been shut down by MFN due to the amount of garbage
being posted to it such porn bots, extreme politics and
other similar junk flooding in. All of this content was
coming from other instances and has caused us to no
longer be able to run the instance on our network.

We just aren’t equipped with the needed moderation
tools to actually maintain the long term health of
an instance of the Lemmy software and it is increasingly
starting to feel like a certain website that a good
bit of us left in order to start fresh. Between the
spam brigades, database issues and odd software
design decisions; MFN is making the choice to no
longer host an instance in order to protect the
performance and reputation of our network and project.
Other instances trying to reach Lemmonade will receive
a farewell page in response to any request that they
send to the instance’s address. This farewell page will
stay up for thirty days before it is removed as well.