Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Updates to core services…

For team members, you guys should see the new mail system in place
and be able to fully manage your own mail accounts. You should not
have to submit tickets or message Skylar to get account settings
changed or details updated anymore. Along with that, the mail server
was brought up to date last night and has new settings in place and
dropped support for some older clients. The team is also watching
the traffic and logs, a handful of /24s from Digital Ocean have been
blocked at the router level due to the amount of spam attempts. We
will continue to watch things and issue blocks as needed.

We are aware that some certs on the network are expired and will be
fixing this tonight when there is some down time to do so. Certs still
haven’t been automated due to a lack of time to handle such.

We are also aware that Cloudflare is being rather aggressive towards
our network allocations. There is nothing that we can really do about
this and you’ll just have to put up with the annoying captchas until
they figure their shit out. I have dropped into the network and looked
for anything that might be triggering this from them and our day to day
doesn’t look much different than it has for the past several months.
So, I’m not sure what has triggered them, aside from it being a data
center network range.