Tuesday, November 28, 2023

We will be trying out new DNS services…

MFN will be trying out new DNS services on the Catos and Ikus routers
over the next few days. Hopefully we find something cost effective
that removes ads and other junk, because holy shit the amount of ads has
increased a bit too much in the last few months.

Currently Testing:

  • Quad9 DNS on Catos to see how it works for us.
  • GDNS and CF DNS to keep things running for now on Ikus.
  • List Enabled: OISD-DBA, AdAway, AdGuard, Blocklist Ads and Blocklist Crypto.

Have Tested:

  • Ad Guard: Public DNS (I think our subnets got locked out…oops)
  • NA

Why is MFN not even trying to keep hush about this?
Look, we get it. Big companies, small companies, content providers, and
who ever else along the internet pipeline; they all need their income to
stay up and running. But this is getting past the point of annoying and
out right ridiculous when it comes to the amount of ads that we are seeing
on just about every webpage we browse now. A few of us use MFN’s network for
the bulk of our internet experience and have decided to just start doing
what we can to lessen the intrusive ads at the network/DNS level.
Really tired of the bullshittery that is the over-commercialization of
the internet.

Monday, November 27, 2023

Patching the host today!

We are applying updates to the project host today. Things
should just work and be peachy, but you guys know how
updates and computers go together.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Mail services restored…

Mail services are restored and things appear to be working
once again. Project members, if you have any issues, let
Skylar know. She had a hell of time migrating things since
the tutorial didn’t mention much about file/directory owners
or permissions. We think everything should be working right.