Services Offered

Published by skylar on Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Read the below first!

By requesting service with us, you agree to our privacy policy, network
management policy and terms of service. Our network moderators and volunteer
staff do monitor the network health, status and read through the logs. If
your request is approved, by using the service(s) you are making a statement
that you agree to the policies. If you break policy, you will be disconnected
and removed from the project.

Quick note…

The core of MFN’s service offerings are delivered over the WireGuard protocol.
That means that project members and guest will need a system capable of
establishing WireGuard connections. OVPN is offered only in very specific use
cases such as when connecting older routers and hardware.

IPv4 Connectivity

We do provide IPv4 access on a shared basis. We currently deploy
two semi-public shared routers that members and guest may request
access to. Internal IPs are statically assigned and port forwarding is
available on a first come, first serve basis. Both semi-public routers
are limited to 350Mbps each shared between all users.

IPv6 Connectivity

The main goal of our project is to provide publicly routable IPv6
addresses to our members and guest. If your request is approved,
you will receive a /128, /124. /120, /64, /59 or /58 from us
attached to one of our semi-public routers. Firewall ports are
unblocked on a requested basis and all addresses are statically
assigned on our end. Members and guest can make use of up to
350Mbps on a shared basis and up to 400GB of transit per month.
After 400GB, members may be subject to network deprioritization
until the following month. Fair use and all that jazz.

For /64s, /59s and /58s that get approved for usage; you will receive
it as a routable allocation via a /126 WireGuard interconnect. For
most users, a /64 will address their LAN. For more advanced projects,
we are pretty chill about issuing /59 allocations. For multi site
projects, you can request a /58 with justification. NOTE: a /58 may
be broken into two /59s by request.

VM Hosting

Occasionally we may opt to provide smaller projects and gaming groups
with VM hosting. Specs and availability are limited though, as we have to
balance resource usage with the project as a whole. IP transit is our first
priority, with other types of hosting being secondary. VMs that cause a
noticeable impact on our network may be subject to temporary limitations
on their resources or removal from the network.